For young adults with autistic attributes; to support them on the journey into further education and beyond.

Our projects cover a broad remit, working both with people on an individual level and with groups. From personal development for high functioning individuals on the SENDs spectrum, to corporate workshops exploring new paradigms for business innovation. We also offer consultation in a variety of areas, from CSR and disability inclusion. to expert witness and advocacy in legal processes.

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This project is linked to the Clock Trust's innovative research programme, examining the role of autism in industry, and how this misunderstood condition could bring a wealth of innovation to the inclusive and forward thinking enterprise.

Current Projects include:

The 1860 railway carriage project has historic merit. It was brought to the south coast for injured soldiers from WWI to have holidays with their families. It is also the earliest remaining example of its kind, the twelfth one produced and first class. In its modern setting, it will be used by young people the same age, on the SEND spectrum, who will be given the opportunity to show employers they are capable for work. This would almost be impossible by traditional routes and standard qualifications.

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