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The Clock Trust

The Time Machine is housed in the Old Chapel on the doorstep of the historic Kingley Vale on the South Down’s National Park

In 1861 Chichester Cathedral’s spire collapsed: The following article has been transcribed from the Illustrated London News dated 2nd March 1861.

Fallen block work recovered from the collapse were re-purposed to build the Congregational Chapel (The first service was held in 1864). The surface of the stone retains it’s originality and the mason’s tool marks can be seen from where the blocks were first cut in the thirteenth century. The impressive jigsaw making up the original top of the spire is displayed inside the building.

The Time Machine is all about time and space. We all live within it’s constraints, but time itself is fundamentally immeasurable.

Traditional clocks measure gravity. Newton enlightened us on how to observe and quantify this effect, but we don’t fully understand what it actually embodies. The exhibits are arranged as experimental pods, and are used to demonstrate certain phenomenon.

The concept of time travel is explored, by getting into the mindset of the ancient civilisations through playing the game of GO. The visitor is encouraged to explore archives and predictions and consider the development of the first time machine. One way we can all experience time travel, is through the imagination; but what about reality?

The vast collection; from a 6ft mechanical octopus to the extensive collection of time transmitters, offers something for everybody.

The well established garden facility forms a time walk with a maze of pathways through varied planting and art installations designed to take you on a journey. It is a restful place to sit and relax in the shade of the mature trees.

The Time Machine by nature is ever changing. There are a number of different projects progressing and being planned as resources allow. Please see the Gallery page for past, present and future undertakings.
Chichester Spire