The Clock Trust

The Clock Trust focuses on occupational pathways (employment/volunteering) for high functioning Autistic/Aspergic young people.

Near to Chichester, West Sussex, The Clock Trust is an extraordinary resource like no other. It defies definition due to the flexible, innovative nature of the venue and of the founder; Dr Paul Strickland. Dr Strickland suffers from Dyslexia, which allows him to think ‘outside of the box’ and gives him particular insight into the challenges facing SEND service users.

To categorise The Clock Trust in words alone is like "trying to measure jelly with an elastic band" It could be described in part by the following:


Research facility

Think tank

It creates links between different organisations, volunteers and local resources to benefit the community as a whole. The Clock Trust and friends work as advocates for young adults with special educational needs to support them on the journey into further education and beyond.

The Future

From 2017 we are initiating a 3 year plan to realise our 2020 Vision to include:

Inspirational Zone; collection of inspirational inventions and devices that changed the world. This private collection can be viewed by appointment.

Documents and policy development; The major stakeholders are WSCC and Chichester University.